I mentioned last week how I’d bought the Line 6 DT25 amp head and speaker box. I also said that the new firmware update (2.0) meant that I could access 30 different amplifier models. The problem has been working out how to do it.

I’ve recorded a video to help anyone else who is in the same boat!

If you’re wondering how to use the MidiOx program to program your Line 6 DT series amp, this video should help.

It’s a 2-step process.

Setp 1 involves programming the DT amp with the new amplifier ‘voicings’. For channel A you use the topology switch to select which voicing (I, II, III or IV) and then you send a midi control change message via MidiOx to tell the amp which amp model to store in that spot.

You then select topology II (manually) and send a different value via MidiOx to put an amp into that slot. You do this for each of the four topologies in Channel A, then you select Channel B and do the same thing – selecting another four amps in that channel’s topology.

The second part is how you switch between the two channels and the four amp models in each channel.

This involves sending another midi control change (CC) message with some different values.

In the video I show you how to do this with MidiOx. In practice, you probably wouldn’t do it via a computer while you’re gigging! You’d probably use a MIDI controller (I’ve got a Behringer FCB1010) and set it up to send these messages. That’s the next thing on my to-do list!

I also mention a couple of Line 6 documents in the video that you need to have. Here’s a link to the Line 6 DT 25 amplifier manual section on the Line 6 website. The important document is the MIDI Implementation Guide – this is the guide that shows all the amp models and the CC settings. I use an oloder version in the video but this guide will give you the same information.

So, have a look at the video and leave a comment below to let me know if it helps, or whether you have any more questions.

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